Hooking up my MIDI Keyboard to loop recorder (TRAKTOR)???
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    Default Hooking up my MIDI Keyboard to loop recorder (TRAKTOR)???

    Hey Guys, i was wondering if anyone knew how to set up my MIDI Keyboard with traktor? Im pretty new with this stuff and i cant seem to figure it out... All tips are appreciated thanks!

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    If your keyboard is just a midi controller, then you would need to map it to controll different features of Traktor.

    If it is a synthesizer and you want to play it and record it using the loop recorder, you would need to route the audio out from the synthesizer into Traktor deck C or D (switched to live input). You can do this with an S4, or sound card that has multiple inputs.

    If it is a midi keyboard/controller that is playing a software synthesizer and you want to route the sound into Traktor, I have no clue how to accomplish routing it into Traktor. Except having a separate computer and sound card for the synth. Then routing it as you would a synthesizer.

    Hope this sheds some light.

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