How to get my first gig
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    Default How to get my first gig

    Hey guys,

    I apologize if this topic has been discussed many times, which im sure it was, but i did a quick search and nothing came up. I have started djing about 6months ago and then later got into learning ableton - i am very determined to make something that people would enjoy listening. Before i make some tunes, id love to get my name out there through small gigs while im working on my own tracks. I have a facebook page/soundcloud with several mixes and i have friends that would come see me play. I also already identified ~3 places id love to play. Could you please give me advice on how to get my first gig.
    1. who should i talk to? Im a strong believer of just taking what you want - should i just drop by on a off-night to chat with manager (if not manager, then who?
    2. What would be the best time to ask for - early in the night? week night?
    Any advice is much appreciated!


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    Id say make a mix-tape cd or video and take it to where you wanna play and just talk to the person who usually books their talent, and if they seem interested then give them the mixtape and your contact info and see how it goes. Oh and i've found out it pays to be as nice as possible
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    Tell the club owner you're a strong believer in taking what you want. He probably is too - SOLD
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