Audio 8 DJ Cable connections!
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    Default Audio 8 DJ Cable connections!

    Is it me or am i missing something.

    Arent teh guys at native been a bit stingy on the audio 8 rca/phono connection ports?? They've left absolutley no room to get a decent phat audio cable onto them as they don't protrude very far out of the box itself at all! I cant even get some of my normal ones with the outer sleeve that comes all the way over the outer connection very well. They stay on but a quick pull and they could be pulled off quite easily.

    Surely i'm missing something here ?

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    No mate your not missing anything.

    The RCA connections are a little shallow. This is known to cause problems with some RCAs .
    Best thing is to find a brand that fit and stick to them. Some RCAs have slightly shorter sleeves and fit better. You can actually cut the sleeve back on the RCA and they fit better.

    Not really a great solution but i thought id let you know your not alone.
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    Many Thanks Karlos.

    I will have to go find some new ones and leave my decent cables for use elsewhere. Not that decent cables do anything but they do look pretty

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