Maschine challenger?
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    Default Maschine challenger?

    Just found this and it seems to be a maschine-esque challenger, thoughts?

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    It's an analog drum machine. I don't think they're in production anymore. Definitely not in direct competition with Maschine.

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    This is an analog drum machine from the 80's as far as I remember. Nothing new. In my opinion the concept looks much better than it did in reality. Apart from that it is not comparable to the functionality of the modern MASCHINE even though it was a great production tool at its time. It was prized something around 3000$ when it was introduced. Lots of famous interpreters used one (e.g. a-ha, Bruce Springsteen, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Harold Faltermeyer, Wham...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockingClub View Post
    This is an analog drum machine from the 80's as far as I remember. Nothing new.
    the original linndrum was from the 80s. This is a linndrum II that dave smith instruments and roger linn were working on but I think they ran into issues and DSI customers wanted something different and they couldn't agree and it just turned into the DSI Tempest. not sure if there will be a linndrum 2 or what
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