A nooby vdj question i cant figure out for myself :(
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    Default A nooby vdj question i cant figure out for myself :(


    ive been playing around with smart play but noticed the padlocks to show when its on and off do not appear in the 4 deck version, and i cannot turn it on/off for decks 3 + 4 , i thought its me not looking hard enough but after 20-30 mins of googling still cant find what i need, using keyboard mapping it doesnt seem to be able to be done coz u gotta click on the thing u want it to learn (which is impossible as the little padlock isnt there! )

    as a side note: i have a few thousand acapellas and the only way i can think of organising them for mixing is to go by bpm , is there any way i can make all the songs in a folder be bpm anaylised without me having to load each one into a deck and wait for it to do it analyze it before doing the same with the next acapella and so on and so on thousands of times?

    and, when i have smart cue enabled it doesnt auto sync when i first press it ( for instance, starting vocals on a drop ) but does every time after , is there a way to fix this or am i still doomed to having to press sync as soon as ive pressed play?

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    there is a few padlocks so not sure which one you mean, but you can map your controller or keyboard with

    "deck 3 smart_play"
    "deck 4 smart_cue"
    "deck 1 beatlock"

    or you can combine them into a macro to do all 4 decks at once...

    toggle 'smarts' & var 'smarts' 1 ? deck 1 smart_play 1 & deck 2 smart_play 1 & deck 3 smart_play 1 & deck 4 smart_play 1 : deck 1 smart_play 0 & deck 2 smart_play 0 & deck 3 smart_play 0 & deck 4 smart_play 0

    to add to the library you can right click a folder and choose "scan for bpm"

    About "smart_cue' it will only drop a cue on the beatgrid, so if your cue is out of allignment with the grid, pressing a cue will make the track go out of time.
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    for your acapella's highlight them all by clicking the highest one then shift clicking the lowest one then right click any of the highlighted ones and click "analyze bpm". it will take a while but it will be done. acappella's though are notoriously hard for software to bpm match right so youd be better off finding the original tracks bpm then manually putting it as the acappellas bpm
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