Numark tt500's and SL!
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    hey all i just pretty much inherited some numark tt500 turntables and SL1 i have never used the program and my experiance with vinyl turntables are very limited about 6 hours at most. i think i have the idea on how to connect. put pretty much download the program free on the computer. hook up the RCA's to the box and run the box USB to the computer? i'm not home right now or i would experiment but i figure if i can just confirm the set up i should be fine. also like i said my knowledge of vinyl set ups are very limited, the guy who gave them to me said i should just replace the needles and stylus. i was looking online and seen that these needles can get very expensive very quick. I normally use my numark V7 set up and i love it but i definately want to be comfortable with vinyl. can someone refer me to some inexpensive needles that in their opinion will last? i highly doubt the tables will ever leave my house as i use my v7 set up everywhere but just incase i want to make sure im good to go. Thank you.

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    Also, yeah…check serato's website for pictures of how to plug everything in…but you've got the basics. You do have to plug the SL1 outputs into your mixer, obviously. You probably just forgot to mention it.

    As for needles…the Shure M-447 is IMHO the best to use with time code: it tracks amazingly well, lasts a while, and isn't too expensive. the n447 replacement styli aren't too bad either. If that's too much, the Shure SC35c is awesome and will work well. If that's still expensive, the Stanton 500.v3 seems to be an update of a very popular beginnger cartridge. IHNFC what it costs today.

    Also, you don't need to buy new cartridges when they wear out. If there are any cartridges on the TTs, you probably just want replacement styli……which cost $15-60 (depending on model) instead of upwards of $150 for the whole cartridge.

    What's on it?

    Also…just as a heads up…I might just be a fanboy, but I've never seen a need for ortofon carts…they seem like they cost an arm & a leg for how good they are. Shure Whitelabels beat any of them and the M-44G get close……and with time code……you really can't get better than the M-447: loud, clear, and sticks like glue.

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    I've been using the M44G's for years and they hold up very well. A pair with cartridges can be had for about $100.

    The TT500's are very nice tables, btw! Nice find.

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    Thank you guys for the Feedback. I got the the program downloaded yesterday and i was able to get 1 of the tables to work. For some reason the other table wouldnt play the music. do they need to be sync'd? i was able to load a son to the deck it seemed but when i would drop the needle on the vinyl the song wouldnt play and the track wouldnt scroll so i dont think it has to do with the cable i think its the settings of the program?. also is there a way to set it so no matter where i drop the needle the cue point is at the begining of the song? because i noticed if i didnt drop the needle exactly where it needed to be it would start at like the middle of the song, and when i scratched it would throw me to like the middle of the song. I've never Dj'd Vinyl but i know everything there is to know about digital controllers. i just want to be comfortable on both so if you guys can provide more input if you are more experianced on this i will appreciate it soo much thank you.

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    Sounds like it's just a matter of checking what mode it's in.

    Absolute = acts like real vinyl. You drop the needle, and it will jump around in the track like it would for real vinyl.
    Relative = Stops playing when you lift the needle, and wherever you put it back down, it will pick back up right where you left off. You also need this mode (or internal) if you want to use looping. Personally I use relative mode with absolute drop, so I can easily move around in a track when I'm setting it up.
    Internal = not using the tables at all, and just mixing within the computer. Handy to switch if your decks are bouncy or you need to adjust the needle position. My guess is your table that "isn't working" might be set to internal.
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    Also check the turntable and make sure its set to phono, then check in the setup screen where u can see the vinyl signal. and adjust. Check Youtube, tons of tutorials
    Seratotutor and SeratoHQ are a couple channels to check out.

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