A little reboot I made tonight- Rattle/Niggas In Paris
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    Default A little reboot I made tonight- Rattle/Niggas In Paris

    Mainly for use in my sets since I couldn't decided which track to drop, any feedback welcomed

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    This bootleg has been remade countless times, if you're going to make another one try adding effects / playing with the vocals.

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    Nevermind, didn't hear it, it's actually really nice haha.

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    So i try and mix flo-rida with electro house, and it says cannot upload the song by flo-rida do to copy rights lol.

    How can you do jay-z/kayne west but upload it?

    Its just 1 song by flo-rida and i can't upload it do to copy rights, but you can do niggas in paris? this makes no sense lol.

    Anyways good mix

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    pretty sweet

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    Not sure about your comment to do with flo-rida, it might be his label or something?

    Thanks for the comments people

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