Tempo control with VCI-100
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    Default Tempo control with VCI-100

    Hi, I'm wondering how to adjust the sensitivity of the tempo fader on my VCI-100 (and in Traktor), so it can change the tempo more than just 8% (and so the fader on the VCI can be more or less sensitive than the one in Traktor). I'm not using the DJTT midi mapping, but I know it's possible. Could someone help me out?

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    You can change the pitch fader range in Preferences > Transport
    The first line is PITCH, you can adjut it to 8, 10, 35, 50 or 100%.

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    Awesome, thank you. Now do you know how to change the sensitivity of the physical faders on the VCI? So I have the faders in Traktor set to 100%, but the faders on the VCI only change it by something like 8.9%.

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    Nop, sorry, I've no idea on how to change that... and I can't even tell you if it's possible or not... I don't have VCI...
    There's some VCI specialists here they will answer your question better than me...

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    If you have the settings in Traktor to 50% pitch fade then the faders on your VCI should change it by 50%.

    That's not happening?
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    Sounds like in the midi preferences he needs to change his "type of controller" setting to analogue knob/fader for his pitch fader maping.

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