The Best Earphone's I've ever heard/ Owned
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    Default The Best Earphone's I've ever heard/ Owned

    Now I know there are a few out there that are sound snobs. and there are a few that will gasp at the price you'll read in a bit but...
    So I work at an Apple Service centre and a Pro Audio shop and a recording studio, we only sell really high end stuff. like Adam Monitors, Nord Keyboards, beyerdynamic headphones and the occasional low price point toy like akai LPK25's anyways. My boss who is the mixing engineer/ producer ordered in a bunch of these Atomic Floyd earphones and picked up a pair of the high end models (the SuperDarts) he was going on about them sooo much like a mad man. So I figured I might as well give them a listen and HOLY F#%K! they are amazing, hit as low as my KRK 10S without sounding boomy and the mids and highs cut through beautifully! so I got myself a pair. $350 later I am the proud owner of some atomic floyd super darts. If you are looking for some new earphones and wanna get something sweet get these! I honestly love them!
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    How much do they colour the sound? I like my headphones to sound as much like the inside of a monitoring room as possible. I wear Grado RS1i s.

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