I just received an email from PSSL.com

They now have a Digital Music Pool http://www.pssl.com/ERG

I was wondering how new there music is and how it would come pair to the rest I still have not joined any as I am unsure who to go with...

Here is what the stated this morning when I called the music is underground I don't know if the rep knew what he was talking about he just seamed unclear of the genre they carry.

He mentioned this music will be the newest I could get with a release date of 2 weeks prior to it being circulated on the internet and radio by others...

There prices are .69 cents for Al-La-Cart downloads and 49.95 per months for the unlimited monthly subscription

This is a downloadable program and not a separate site...

Here is what there add had to say...

All of our programs offer the following benefits for working DJs & KJs:

Best available mp3/mp4 quality, with 320-bit audio and crisp, clear visuals
Tracks are re-mastered with optimal equalization and quality necessary for DJ use
Full ID3 file tagging with track information
Consistent track volume levels
Remixes and edits available
Earliest possible release of new titles
Useful programming tools like DJ Radio Charts, Programmer Picks and Track Suggestions.

Choose from customized solutions that make music acquisition tailor-made for your use, as well as affordable. Plus, our music services are geared for DJs and KJs, and we have the content variety, selection tools, and audio/video quality to make getting your music simple and affordable.

Our Digital Music Store gives professional DJs and other entertainment and hospitality users the tools they need to find and download high quality MP3s, music videos and karaoke tracks