So, I absolutely love DnB, but don't mix it a ton. I haven't kept up with it, but I do pick up tracks when they stand out. But mostly my DnB stuff is a little older, which is fine because I know it like the back of my hand at this point.

Just a short mix mucking about last night for 30 minutes. Couple points I could have phrased things a little better, but pretty happy with it

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!

00:00 Supreme Being - Got Milk
02:16 Sub Zero - Coming Up For Air
03:47 Sigma - All Blue
05:21 Shimon - The Damned
07:03 Random Movement - Her Song
09:24 Original Sin - I Love It
11:17 Nero - Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
13:48 Majistrate - State Of Shock
15:06 Lynx - Disco Dodo
17:23 Ill Logic & Raf - We Are Now
19:17 Gridlok - Warhol
22:04 Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour (feat. I-Kay)
24:00 Blame - Reign Of Fire
25:39 Adam F - Eightball
27:41 Inside Info - Awkward