Sonodyne SM200 AK studio monitors
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    Default Sonodyne SM200 AK studio monitors

    So recently, we got investment to build a large studio with lots of great features, and the monitors we chose were the Sonodyne SM200 AK's. Now here I am, ordering these things, and usually I work on some of the top of the line monitors, like Genelec. (Yes I do use high end sometimes to monitor my mixes). anyway, let me tell you, these speakers in my mind, I thought were not the most top of the line, fully specced monitors you can get. But... they are some of the most unbelievable sounding pieces of equipment I have ever ever heard. BIG SURPRISE. These things compare to Genelec, and especially Focal. You can heard the mids correctly, the highs extremely crisp, and the low just right enough so you can hear everything sit in your mix. It's crazy. I highly suggest checking these guys out. They have about an $800 price tag each with tax, but its well worth it. I've gotten compliments already at shows with how my mixes have improved, just from these monitors.


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    I am buying new monitors. I am between JBL LSR308 and Sonodyne SM200. Some says JBL is better than Adam A7x. What do You think, is Sonodyne better than JBL?

    Thank You for Your answer in advance.


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