vci 300 with tractor pro 2
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    Default vci 300 with tractor pro 2

    I have finally found a tsi that works perfect but I'm wondering how to set up the audio , can i use the built in sound card , my set up is vci in 2 channels of a dim 800 mixer which is hooked up to the sound system. now with sera to that perfect no problem but in tractor when i then select the vci 300 in the tractor audio settings and the mixer to external i don't get any sound and if i select internal i get sound but only one channel and no control over the faders or cross fader on screen.

    can anyone help do i need to get an external sound card and hook the vci into the sound card then sound card into mixer as normal ? why can't i use the built in sound card because if i hook the sound system straight into the vci i have control of tractor , but as you all know when you drive at a club to play you can't do this hence plugging into the mixer already installed , can anyone help.


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    I also would like to figure this out, so advice from anyone who knows how to get the soundcard in the VCI-300 hooked up and working with traktor wold be appreciated.

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    Did you guys install ASIO4ALL drivers for the VCI-300 ?

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    Yep you need asio4all - works a treat
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