I found a great backpack today
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    Default I found a great backpack today

    Found a great backpack today
    At Fry's Electronics today I was looking for a laptop case. Of course in the back of my mind I was thinking I should just spend the money & buy a specialized DJ backpack. In the aisle where the cases were I was trying to find one that fit my minimum needs:

    Laptop, power supply, NI Audio 8 DJ, cables.

    I didn't want it to be to heavy & was hoping it would be small enough to tuck under my arm while carrying other stuff. The best I could find was the Kenneth Cole Reaction. At $70 it was more than I wanted to spend on that kind of thing. It was nice & even air travel friendly but not what I had in mind.

    Then I turned around. A wall of backpacks, laptop backpacks, hmmm. Not thinking I would find anything I started looking through them. I found the Targus 17" CityGear Laptop Backpack. It was reasonably light and it had 5 or 6 compartments. The largest was the padded laptop compartment. It had tons of smoothly operating zippers. It was also $70. I decided to try it.

    I got it home and started loading it up.
    Audio 8 DJ
    M Audio X Session Pro
    Traktor Kontrol X1
    17" MacBook Pro with power supply
    All needed cables plus USB hub & power supply.

    All of this went into it with ease. I tried to add my old original Novation Remote 25 but it was about 3/4 of an inch too long for the zipper to close. Otherwise it wouldn't have been a problem.

    I used small hand towels and some pick & pluck foam to pad around knobs & faders where needed.
    It should easily handle the addition of the F1 right next to the X1.

    I am astounded! I never thought I would find a backpack that could handle this kind of a load.
    Yes, when loaded it's a bit too heavy too carry any distance by the comfy handle at the top.
    But when using the backpack straps it's easy & comfortable.

    It won't be waterproof. Is any backpack? It may be water resistant.

    After reading reviews online I'm convinced it will be durable.


    I think it's so great I may buy a 2nd one to use for other stuff
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    I picked up the rolling version of that bag http://reviews.targus.com/8826/TCG71...ws/reviews.htm

    It will hold:

    14" laptop
    Crane Stand
    Headphones, Audio 2, cables, power supplies, external 3.5" hard drive, etc.
    CD case (car visor style...holds 10 CDs)
    Misc stuff...cell phone, wallet, couple of books, etc.
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