Quad 4 decks DVS
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    Default Quad 4 decks DVS

    I have heard of an open standards based DVS system called Quad, it can be used to mix 4 dvs decks (not got tracktor yet but I ve read from some sources the DVS system can only be used in a two deck mode - shame if that is the case, though what I would really like to do is two decks DVS and two decks midi controller - if that is possible, please confirm if you can).

    Back to Quad http://www.schaack-audio.com/home.html but this seems to lead to intimidation's touch dvs site. Anyone had experience of using it? how well does it compare with tracktor?

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    The only thing thats stopping a user using 4 vinyl decks to control 4 decks in Traktor is that the audio4 only has 2 inbuilt phono preamps. If you were to buy another 2 preamps and connect your turntables to these before running them though the other 2 stereo inputs then you could run 4 vinyl decks in Traktor. Without the preamps your only able to connect 2 vinyl decks and 2 cdj's.

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