Using multiple MIDI channels/pages with Launchpad and Traktor Pro
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    Default Using multiple MIDI channels/pages with Launchpad and Traktor Pro

    Hey all,

    Is anyone here familiar with using multiple MIDI channels/pages with Launchpad and Traktor Pro without any "middle man" software? I have MIDIkatapult, which is excellent, but would really like to do all this natively if it is, in fact, possible.

    It looks like you can have multiple pages/channels on the Launchpad, but they don't seem to be working quite right. If I enable multiple pages using the Automap MIDI "drivers", I can't seem to be able to map any custom LED mapping, though the buttons and pages seem to work as expected (all buttons are red). Simply switching back to the Launchpad "drivers" allows LED mapping to work, but then I only have access to 2 pages which aren't working on separate channels, at least in Traktor, and I can't figure out how to add more pages for more MIDI channels.

    Is there a way to get this working without any extra software?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Default Looking for help with this issue: Want to add a midimasher page to my lauchpad

    I'm looking to add on an extra page or two of instant-grat effects to my lauchpad that already has 4 pages-looping,hotcue,browser, and full full chained effect control but I would really like to add an instant grat page on my launchpad. Any help with adding pages within traktor would be greatly appreciated.

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