Need help from hardstyle-ish Euro DJs, or just a genre expert in general!
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    Default Need help from hardstyle-ish Euro DJs, or just a genre expert in general!

    Hey guys I'm trying to identify the correct name of this genre so I can find other songs within it. Its very European from Germany, netherlands holland, etc. I've heard a few names: Hands Up, Hard Dance, Hard House, Euro-Trance, Hard Trance. I'm just not sure heres a list of examples:


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    That tune up track is awesome, brings me back to when I first started raving haha. Some of those tracks are euro-dance, some hard-trance. Tracks like this I just label as hard dance.

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    I've always referred to this as 'happy hardcore or 'hardstyle'

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    When I think of Hard Dance, I think of Tidy Traxx, Tripoli, Flashpoint, Recharge etc.. Of course this is more UK Hard House, Nu-NRG and yes, sometimes called Hard Dance. The above tracks don't really fit those genre's, but then again, I have never heard of "Hands up".

    I guess maybe Euro trance? with some hardstyle elements mixed in, but definitely NOT straight up hardstyle or hard trance.


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    As a whole, I'd label this stuff generically under the tab of "hard dance" honestly, though it's tough to put such a broad moniker on anything like that. It's like just calling all forms of house music, house.

    It's not hardstyle though, I can tell you that much.

    I'm tired and drunk and don't want to give each one a full listen right now, but I'd say they are more on the hardcore/hard-trance side of things just from the look through.

    Here's me looking them up individually on I prefer using that site when looking for specific harder genre stuff, as it's much better at labeling genre's than beatport or even Juno I've found. Not perfect, but we can't have everything.

    Partystylerz - We are the Partystylerz - Hard Dance - Euro
    Basshunter - Dota - Hard Dance
    Corona - Rhythm of the Night (Eric Mullder Remix) (As this track is unreleased, wasn't able to find the exact remix. But it looks like a hard dance remix of a house chib)
    Cascada - Because The Night (Hitmen Remix) - Hardcore
    Tune Up - Ravers Fantasy - Euro Trance

    I listen to a lot of this stuff on my own, mostly Hardstyle and Hardcore honestly though. The big thing that you just get used to listening is the difference in speed, how they are set up, the drums... it just becomes natural after awhile. I have a buddy who likes to spin hard dance stuff, and it's a tough thing. Because sometimes you have the hardcore or hardstyle tracks, but then you have a lot of hard-trance and whatnot as well.

    Really, it's just about finding the sound you want. If you have a pile of tracks that you absolutely love, figure out how to make them work for ya And finding a good site that labels genre's well is key, because a lot of the "popular" sites aren't particularly good when it comes to the "harder" sounds.

    But to me, it looks like you're looking for Hard Dance, Hard Trance, and maybe a bit of the lighter Hardcore.

    I'm no guru. I'm a guy outside Boston who loves this kind of music. You'd be very, very surprised at the size of the hardcore scene we have up here in New England (with ties to NYC as well, as much as I don't like to admit it!).

    But hope that helps
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    Those really span a lot of genres, euro mostly, though you should check out the UK Hardcore scene, its very like that Cascada tune, also called happy hardcore. I personally know a lot ore about gabber and Dutch Hardcore, though I'd say thats euro and happy hardcore.

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    I'm from the Netherlands, so I'm quite well known with the genres you name

    My shot (my own opinion, so not funded on anything but my own opinion!):

    Partystylerz - We are the Partystylerz - hands up, and got a little eurodance flavour over it
    Basshunter - Dota - can't watch this one, restricted in my country
    Corona - Rhythm of the Night (Eric Mullder Remix) - would call this one as hard dance
    Cascada - Because The Night (Hitmen Remix) - Bassline Brine, this is by no means hardcore. I would state this as hard dance as well I guess.
    Tune Up - Ravers Fantasy - hands up.

    Also look for genres like eurodance. Eurotrance and hardtrance are quite different (as they're trancy and not like dance), and hardstyle and hardcore are genres that are far away from this music.
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