Transferring playlists
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    Default Transferring playlists

    Hey guys

    I have T3 on my old laptop and on my new laptop. I am in the process of doing a full transfer before uninstalling it.

    I have created some new playlists in T3 on the new lappy, but want to move the playlists from the old one over.

    Is there a way to do this without over-writing my new playlists?


    (PS: I can then move those playlists into TPro, right?)
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    As long as the tracks are on both lappys and in the same place. Just go to you documents folder > Traktor3 > Playlist.

    I think that's it, I'm at work so I can't be sure but I think that's all. Then just put the file in the same folder on the other lappy.
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    This should work but will take some fiddling.
    Are the tracks from your old laptop going to be the same on the new laptop ?

    You can copy the collection.nml over to the new laptop but all the tracks will show '!' as the paths will be different.
    You can do relocate on the whole collection and your old laptop collection will be now on your new laptop.

    If its just plalylists that you want then:

    Save the Playlists from your old T3 onto a USB drive (or whatever).
    Put them in your T3 Playlists Folder on the new laptop.

    Import the playlists into T3 and the nml will load but all the tracks will show '!' because the path will be to your old laptop collection. Relocate on all the tracks and that should do it. Relocate can take fricking ages but it will work , just takes time. Just do this for each Playlist you want to transfer.
    This can take ages but its better than messing with NML/XML editors.

    This wont ruin any playlists that you have on the new laptop because the playlists are stored separately in the Playlist Folder.

    Yeah you can just drag then onto Pro and all should be dandy.
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