Subscription service for Dance Record Labels?
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    Default Subscription service for Dance Record Labels?

    Sounds like an awesome idea, as long as the labels are consistent with their ouput, i.e. a release or two month, I'd be down for this.

    Shit,if they dropped it down to 5 bucks, I'd sign up for 20 labels a month easy.

    Way of the future!

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    Interesting idea and might well be worth it if you get the releases before the normal release-date. I'd still have trouble deciding if I should subscribe to a label or not though (would probably need some careful calculation based on their back catalogues - if I'd spend the ten bucks monthly on their music anyways it's an easy call, if not - well, not so easy). Planet E is definitely tempting.
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    Yeah this is something I would pay for. When I find a nice label I generally enjoy 90% of what they release.
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    Ive been part of Mad Decent Premium since the first day. its only been about two months but we already have 17 releases, jeffrees stuff comes early for us, and we have the option to download mp3 of WAV. for ten bucks a month its def worth it in my book. plus they have little incentives like store discounts/free shit for sticking with them. im thinking about joining Stones Throw seeing as I like this so much

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    That's pretty cool

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