Ableton on Twitch Novation
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    I'm a noob. I've got a twitch that I've been using with Itch for about a year now, I'm pretty comfortable with Itch, but I'd really like to use Ableton to make my sounds a little more custom. What's the best site or book you guys would recommend for a complete Ableton Live beginner to start out with?

    edit: right after I posted this question, I saw the thread right below about beginner ableton tutorials... I guess I really meant, specifically, do you think i should learn Ableton on the PC first, and then make my own mapping for the Twitch? Or would you recommend that I just download a standard Ableton mapping for the Twitch, and try learning on that, and then making my own mapping? Ableton is kind of intimidating... I'm probably just thinking too much into it. Can I please just delete this thread?
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    I've never tried the twitch but they have there own template I believe at the very bottom of the page.

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