So this is for a friend - he's a Numark guy. He wants to use Traktor, he has LE2. He's got an NDX800 and an NDX900

can these play nicely with each other, or are they suni and shiit?

He's thinking of trading the 800 for another 900, unless there's a way to use his CDXs with traktor...

So they have MIDI mode, and I got one deck working, and could switch between A and B, but when I plugged in both, it got weird. There is MIDI Master mode, and regular midi mode.

When using 2 decks usb (for the audio interface and controller, going into a 2 channel regular mixer) do both decks plug into the laptop like in a hub, or does one deck plug into the other deck?

I searched high and low google (though I'm not a very good googler, but I did give it an honest effort!) and came up dry.

Any help AT ALL would be appreciated!

(p.s. he's also thinking of selling all this stuff and getting a controller, but ONLY if it has motorized platters. So thoughts on that, if it's price-conducive. the NS7fx seems a bit pricey, he's old school and finally moved up to CDJ and loves the CDX decks)