using an mpk25 and a novation launchpad together in ableton
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    Default using an mpk25 and a novation launchpad together in ableton

    when i try to use these the keyboard and the launchpad together.
    i want to use the keyboard to play melodies with, and the launch pad to fire clips with.

    when they are both connected ( i also have my mpd25 connected.) the launchpad will show all the clips that i can play and they are lit up acceding to the position of the clips in ableton.

    BUT the launchpad only plays distorted noises from the keyboard, it's showing that it will launch my clips because the led's are all lit up-- but it plays noises in the midi as a keyboard.

    how can i fix it to where the launchpad will fire clips, and the keyboard will play the piano.
    because right now they both play the piano, but the buttons on the launchpad look like they will fire clips

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    On each track you can select what controller should it listen to. If it's not showing, click on the I/O button to the right of the Master channel and change "MIDI From" to your MPD.

    If you are on Windows I think the problem had something to do with "Microsoft MIDI (something)", you needed to disable that. Can't guide you there since I haven't fiddled with that in a few years.
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