Launchpad + Ableton Live Set Up For Minimal?
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    Default Launchpad + Ableton Live Set Up For Minimal?

    So I usually spin progressive house but I really like to mess around with minimal techno sometimes, really fun style to mix. I was thinking about using a standard mixer/deck setup for progressive but when I play minimal going to a setup of a launchpad thru ableton live, maybe eventually with a maschine thrown in there.

    The basic way I'm conceptualizing it is having multiple channels for kick drum loops, snare loops, and "tools" such as . Having each sample/loop correlated to a button so I can bring them in and out, add and take away layers.

    Some basic questions though I have about this, since I'll be honest and I'm not all that familiar with using ableton:

    1. Would this setup be feasible in a club setup? For example would I be able to run the launchpad thru the house soundsystem, would I need an audio interface? How would I be able to set that up?
    2. Since the Launchpad doesnt have a crossfader or volume faders would I be able to fade tracks in/out if need be?
    3. How is the effects section overall in ableton for live dj'ing? Can this also be controlled by the launchpad?
    4. Live setup situation, lets say I come after a dj playing on cdj's and I have to beatmatch into him, is there anyway to "beatmatch" with a launchpad thru ableton, whether it be tapping out a master bpm or anything?
    5. Are there any good websites to purchase tools such as the one above? I would use beatport but they dont have tools listed by genre; makes suitable ones difficult to find
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    Sorry, but you need to do more research on both ableton and a launchpad.

    1. yes u can use it in a club, you would need a audio interface
    2. the launchpad does have audio faders (digital ones)
    3. amazing effects, can also be controlled using launchpad
    4. its not ideal for this but there would be a way
    5. loads use google.

    there are loads of videos on youtube showing launchpad/ableton setups. IMO a launchpad is best used to compliment a setup as apposed to being the setup.

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    Yeah, sounds like you might be more interested in an APC20/40/80 based on what you're describing

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    I think you need encoders as well for what you're looking for. The audio faders on the launchpad are a little more abrupt and I think you can achieve what you're looking for with the APC40.

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