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    Hi All

    I'm new to this site and I need some advice. Does anyone out there use the Vestax VDA-1000 ? Is it a good buy ?

    Or should I simply go with an external mixer such as a Pioneer DJM 600 or one of the mixers from the Allen and Heath XONE range ?

    I need somthing I can use when I'm not piggy backing off another DJ's mixer.

    All suggestions welcome !

    My setup

    HP laptop
    Vestax VCI-100
    Numark djio soundcard

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    it seems like this is more than just a mixer, really more of an amp. if you're looking for something you can EQ with, this probably isn't it, but if you need a decent amp, this is pretty good for the money (just by looking at it, i have no physical experience with this). / /
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    Yeah looks very much like an amp to me too.

    But seeings how all suggestions are welcome i would say route your audio to Ableton and mix in the box And if you are hell bent on getting a mixer i would say try to pick one with analogue circuitry otherwise its almost pointless mixing out of the box in my honest opinion.

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    I guess what I'm looking for is an amp to raise the decibel level if I don't have "a spare channel" on another DJ's mixer to use. Perhaps the amp in a mixer is good enough ? I can also plug in my ipod as backup as I've learnt my lesson. Traktor crashed on me at a party because I forgot to turn off Norton Antivirus. No one was amused.

    I've got Ableton but I'm a newbie to that so I haven't thought about routing Traktor through it. I thought that was only possible on a Mac. I take it if I looked around on this site I'll find that info.

    Thanks for your help guys. I'm after the perfect setup !!!

    P.S. My Uberstand is on the way. No more stiff necks !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bajanrascals View Post
    Traktor crashed on me at a party because I forgot to turn off Norton Antivirus. No one was amused.
    Sorry to barge in, as this isn't directly relating to your main topic, but if you're after the perfect setup. I would suggest that you uninstall NAV entirely.
    I'm not sure why people get so paranoid about getting viruses. In my 15 years in the I.T. racket I've never once installed Antivirus software on my main system. With a little common-sense, and sitting behind a good router/firewall, i've maintained a totally virus-free computer my entire life. Keep away from dodgy sites, files and software, and you'll be fine.

    AV software bogs the system down to no end and even when it's not "running" its always got a hold over certain aspects of your system. Even after you disable it program-side, it'll still be running Services, DLL hooks, startup processes..... Anitivirus programs are almost like viruses themselves.

    I do understand why some people need them. But if you're making the perfectly tweaked system for DJing, i think NAV needs to be given the boot.

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    You are right. NAV or any other AV software does consume system resources. I've kept it on the laptop as I'll sometimes buy and download music on the road using say a hotel's open wifi network. As long as I remember to disable NAV when I don't need it as well as disable any NAV services that are running, I should be fine....hopefully.

    On another note, I'm still at the crossroads as to whether I should mix internally and buy an amp or mix externally. The debate continues.....

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