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    Not sure if this has been suggested, but if MF Utility could have a way to "link" a 3D and Twister to the 3D's bank select buttons. so that when you switch banks on the 3D it also switches on the Twister.

    I know this is possible with some fancy MIDI routing, but figured it would be handy if it got implemented natively somehow

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    Quote Originally Posted by midifidler View Post
    I will add an invert function to the next release
    Can someone please explain where the invert function is so my device USB is at the top? Just got mine today. I can't find the invert function in the Utility I'm on version 2.85. Thanks!!

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    Default velocity mode for 3d/spectra

    Press side button and press the pad to select the note you want to play. then release to go into velocity mode for that pad. the pads would switch to just playing the 1 note but have a range from 1 - 127 velocity for that note. Press side button again without pressing a pad to go back to the bank.

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