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    Hello Yall,

    I got my firebox back from repair today, and I can only get it to cue over spdif, and the master channels do not play, and when I switch my cue to the master outs it plays through the cue. Has anyone ever had this happen, and how should I have my windows audio configured (like the playback devices)?

    I have followed bento's great tutorial and hate to be pain in the ass, but has anyone had this happen.

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    any help, why would traktor only allow one output is it traktor or windows?

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    ok so i read the manual...set 1/2 to master @ 3/4 to monitor and on the PreSonus mix set the playback to phones to 3/4. that should do the trick
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    still no luck, I think the unit is going back to presonus again.

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