What to do with albums in the music collection ..?
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    Default What to do with albums in the music collection ..?

    It's this time of the month again when I want to clean my music library by hundreds or maybe even thousands of tracks but as usually this doesn't come without some headache.

    This time its albums. What do you do with them? A DJ doesn't need all tracks of them. You know that you won't play a lot of songs but does that justify deleting them? Then you wouldn't have albums at all.

    A seperate collection for albums doesn't make much sense as well as I already have two seperate ones. An ordinary one and one to keep FLACs of some of these files (can't be played by CDJs).

    Please eleborate!

    btw. This quest for a library I feel good about lasts almost four years now.
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    Normally I create a playlist in itunes called DJ Tunes, and i only put in it the stuff i want to play through traktor. I'm pretty ruthless with it and it means that i'll always have the rest of the albums when i decide that that one song off the album i never thought i'd play would sound great in the mix haha

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    I would create a monthly "Archive" for each month/week whatever for tunes you dont listen to anymore or dont want to delete. Do it yourself or do it in Foobar (ITunes is great for mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, etc).

    Keep it organized - not in a trillion directories in a trillion drives.

    Def a headache - but you'll be super happpy you chose to have some kind of system in place.

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