Need help with setup.
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    Default Need help with setup.

    Hey guys,

    I've got a little question.

    SO far, i've got this as setup:

    Traktor X1
    Traktor 2 Pro

    I tought that I had all for mixing and performing now, but than I saw that I really need
    some faders and something where I can plug in my headphones, to hear my tracks before.

    I'd like to not spend too much money, so what do you guys propose?

    Thanks in advance,


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    NI Audio 2.

    Cheap....tough...great sound and SMALL.

    Faders....probably the K2.....but thats $$. Something from the Korg Nano series?
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    NI Audio 2, and for your needs you could probably get away with a really crap mixer from ebay/gumtree/craiglist, get one of the ones that people are selling for like $20 for instant gratification, and you can always upgrade!

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