trator pro and abelton live (podcast, ducking problem) please help
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    Default trator pro and abelton live (podcast, ducking problem) please help

    aright guys im having some problems and im hoping one of you wiz kids can help.......

    using traktor pro 2 under windows 7 with traktor pro 2 (2.12) at the moment in external mixer mode using the 4D's sound card and have installed a program called "jack" to allow me to control abelton live 8 at the same time or grand vj/software DMX if the occasion calls for it.

    and having the age old problem of syncing and routing audio in external mixer mode and getting midi sync. watched every tutorial i can find but to no avail.

    heres what im trying to do........

    sync up taktor and abelton live.....having trouble with this as my traktor doesnt have the virtual midi out, and doing it throught the xone 4ds midi isnt working either, the tempo in live keeps wavering.

    route each channel in traktor to a seperate channel in live so i can multi track record a set and radio performance.but at the same time i want set up a side chain compresser in live to "duck" the traktor channels and improve my vocal. I want to do this using the 4Ds sound card for both programs.
    but live wont let me use the same sound card as traktor und just keeps freezing or not recording.

    can any of u guys help me with this????
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