So what are the final thoughts on the Twitch??
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    Default So what are the final thoughts on the Twitch??

    I'm thinking about getting one but I've heard weird things about the low output. Is that still true? Hows the functionality of those things?

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    Well, there is a Trim knob on each channel so there should be no output problems at all, at least I don't experience any.

    I like my twitch very much and am looking to expand to four decks using the F1s, with it as my main piece of hardware.
    The Slicer is wonderful or beat juggling lyrics and improvised drumming.
    The auto looping is on point! however, unless you beat grid all your tracks before hand, the length of the loops can vary. which will get annoying after a while.
    Having 8 hot cues right on your board is a gift from above if you ask me, it makes designing your routine a pleasure.
    The loop rolling is also a nice little creative feature but if you don't plan on using it, then you can always remap it to play samples once the controller get Serato DJ support in the Spring.
    The touch strips work exactly as advertised and are truly a godsend i you're not into scratching. The touch strip doubles as a virtual needle drop which is handy or humping around if you didn't set hot cues.
    The effect unit on the controller is pretty handy since its all on one corner, the aux channel can also receive effects that don't require bpm info.
    The Twitch has outstanding build quality with a metal top face and a hard plastic underside, but you still may want a case for it.
    Flight cases are not yet being made for the twitch so if you plan to travel with it, I'd plan on making a flight case like I have done.

    All in all the Twitch is a wonderful controller that works great with Serato Itch and hopefully even better on Serato DJ. I would recommend it to anyone looking or a controller.

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