Dramatic key changes
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    Default Dramatic key changes

    Hey guys,

    been playing around with my New Midifighter 3D (which is beyond cool btw- GET ONE!) I put it to Flashflooder if it was possible to map the controller to Pan the sound left and right with the tilt motion, and he has come through with the goods. With this latest update the button that was the cue button now serves as two functions:

    Press one: Turn on tilt motion for 'Key'
    Press two: Turn off 'Key' tilt, turn on 'Pan' tilt (what i was looking for)
    Press three: Turn off 'Pan' tilt.

    The 'key' tilt was something I did not expect. I try as best I can to mix harmonically using Mixedin Key as a guide and I generally make small adjustments using my mouse on the software (Traktor Pro 2). This 'Key' tilt function is relative the the 'Key' knob and makes dramatic key changes so my question is this,

    Does anybody use the 'Key' function as a form of dramatic effect during mixing? If so could you give/post some examples of this.

    Hope I'm making sense.


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    I use the key function lots of times on my mixes. Generally i use them on acapellas, i loop the acapella, bringing the loop in and the key up, you get that rise type of effect. I do the same with regular tracks, just to get that rise effect.

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    maybe you can map the pan knob to the side ways motion of the midifighter. that would give it a pretty decent pan effect. as for changing the key you could probably map the key knob to the same lateral motion for a key change of +1 octave and -1 octave.
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