Hey guys, I read http://www.djtechtools.com/2011/09/1...ith-mastering/ (which barely touches on a lot of vital information to get the software working properly ) a couple weeks ago and have been trying to get Traktor to route its audio to Reaper (or any other VST host for that matter) to no avail. I tried to use Jack audio at first, as the article recommended but it was just too confusing. I then gave Soundflower a shot, which is another audio routing device like Jack, but just can't get the audio to come out on the end of Reaper. I have seen numerous guides on how to get Traktor to route to Ableton (which unfortunately I don't have) but have yet to see a guide for any other VST host. Could someone who has done this please explain how this can be done? I will even try to get a guide started, and hopefully someone can fill in the missing bits of information

  1. Download Soundflower
  2. Run Soundflowerbed (Not sure if Soundflower itself needs configuring or not)
  3. Run Traktor and click on preferences, go to Audio Setup and set Audio Device to SoundFlower (16 ch)
  4. Under output routing make sure Output Master is set to L: 1. Soundflower (16 ch) Out 0 / R: 2 Soundflower (16 ch) Out 1
  5. Run Reaper, go to preferences, Audio Device and select Soundflower (16ch)

That is about all I got, I know I am missing something, could any one who has done this before or is knowledgeable about it please help me fill in the rest? Thank you so much for the read.