Hi, here's a link to my remix of Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo "Lets Go". I hope you'll take a few minutes to give it a listen.

Lets Go - Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo - Cotswolds Cutdown Mix by SherpaPsy

I call it the Cotswolds Cutdown mix for a couple of reasons. I did some work on the track while taking the train from Worcester where I live to London where I currently work, and back every Monday morning and Friday evening. The train travels through some of England's most pastoral and picturesque countrside (the Cotswolds). The cutdown part comes from, well listen and you'll hear… it’s basically an intro, build and then a long breakdown that sort of keeps breaking down then a slight reprise which never completely builds, then the end.
I'm pretty new to Ableton and remixing, just a couple of months of some Ableton tutorials during the evening when I can fit it in, and this is my first real work, so I wanted to focus on getting it to sound good to me rather than long and complete. I suppose I could have completed the rebuild and made it a longer remix with a proper ending, but I just did not have time. I had a lot of fun making it though, and I think parts of it sounds pretty darn good even if it’s rather cutdown. Notice the waveform does not show that its compressed to -0.1db throughout.
Thanks for reading and listening!