Do I need S2? - Other recommendations?
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    Default Do I need S2? - Other recommendations?


    I'am a MPC user who makes beats and really enjoy Traktor from what I played around with. Its the looping sections, and the filters/effects which I really dig. I like to use Traktor first to mash up samples with effects, and loop sections I wish to sample and to sonically mash them in new possibilities. So I like to have a piece of hardware which I can set loops in and out, have control over filters/effects and loops if that makes sense. While mixing be secondary.

    Now would the S2 be a good suggestion for this, or should I look at something else?. Itch looks interesting but I do prefer jogwheels and to be exact in my loops.

    I'm looking for cheaper option if possible.

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    If you want jogs, traktor, cheap, the S2 is probably the best choice out there.

    You could always find a used on, or a used VCI-100

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