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    So I've got a gig Friday and after using mp3gain a while ago some of my old songs are really quiet. Any way I can get the volumes of all my tracks in itunes to roughly the same level just using my laptop? Dont really want to use mp3gain again as I wasn't impressed with the tiny waveforms it left me with. Suppose I may have to?

    Cheers guys.

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    You must be using it wrong. I use MP3Gain all the time, and set all my tracks to 89dB.

    Are you sure you had the settings correct? You should use Track Gain.
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    Either your mixer or your software has a gain knob on each channel (well…both if you use a mixer).

    Use those and your meters and ears.

    There's no good way to do it automatically without a lot of songs ending up seeming quieter than you'd like when listened to in isolation or viewed in a wave editor.

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