Does the crowd always like it?
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    Default Does the crowd always like it?

    Hi, I have recently noticed that when playing for a crowd if they know the song you are playing and u start to add some things or take out somethings they do not really like it especially if they are getting ready for the drop about to make a move on the dance floor etc. Has anyone else ever seen or had this happen to them or seen it happen. i was recently at a party and this happened and the dj (she) was just trying to mix but cut out the dubstep part of the song (i was a little disappointed) just wanted to know your thoughts and feelings on this.

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    I've noticed this at clubs and such, I find it very annoying when a dj cuts out the drop of a song just to go to another build up of another song. It brings you up and ready to drop but then changes the mood, and feel of it. I feel if you are going to cut something out, add something similar to it from another song, like a song with a good build up, but not so good drop you can cut in a good drop.

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