[Beginner] Mixing Electro/dubstep/hard dance/ and house?
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    Default [Beginner] Mixing Electro/dubstep/hard dance/ and house?

    First of all, I am brand new to the forums, have used DJTT for a bit now, and just decided to check out the forums. So Hi.

    Okay, So my main concern is the best way to transition between the different genres listed above, and possibly the best place to get some legal artist tracks (Preferably record pools). I use Traktor 2, and am using the Traktor Kontrol S2 Controller. I have only been doing this now for 1-2 months, so I can catch on to some of it, however feeling a little overwhelmed sometimes. I am scheduled to a electro rave type of event soon, and am looking into throwing in DnB and Dubstep as well as Hard Dance and house, remixes are preferable due to the club is typically a hip-hop/pop type of dance club.

    Any and all advice is appreciated!

    and thank you!

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    Practice mashing up songs that usually dont match to get a feel for the difference in BPM and feel of the tracks.

    House (or 4 on the Floor beats) are usually the easiest to mix...there are tons of ways of doing it such as 30/30 second rule, Dropping a new track when an old one is about to drop, and so forth.

    I would say search "ELLASKINS" on Youtube and watch his tutorials, he has 100's of tutorials ranging from mixing an old song into a new one, to mixing dubstep and house, he even has tutorials on the Basics of turntables such as tone arm adjustment and everything!

    Just my 2 cents

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    hi there! i'm pretty new to the forums as well so it's nice to meet you.

    i hope this doesn't come off as mean, but it sounds like you may be trying to jump into the deep end before you know how to fully swim. if you are feeling overwhelmed it might not be the best idea to accept a gig so soon into your djing adventures, especially one where you are trying for so many styles together (and one where the music you want to play isn't on their standard menu). it also sounds like you are still looking for a lot of music to help you with this goal.

    with that said, all of the genres you listed can be mixed together in one session seamlessly though. i find that subtle shifts in energy and genre work best for me. so for instance, one of my sets i did something like this:

    drum and bass/drumstep > dubstep > electro/progressive house > dubstep. you can of course shift things around as needed. if you want to have a listen it's on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/squidot/squidot-imaginary-friends

    there are many tracks that have bpm transitions built in that work pretty well to get you into a new style of music. drumstep and dnb work great together because the half time tempos break up the fast beats and sound awesome to me. drumstep into dubstep works well if you can find good mixing areas that allow for a gradual increase or decrease in bpms. dubstep works well with electro house since the songs can have similar feels and there is usually about a 10 bpm difference. there are also electro and breaks tracks that have half tempo bits written in that work well for dubstep transitions. going from house to hard house is just about building or decreasing the energy properly. these are just some ideas but i'm sure there are others that i can learn and add to my arsenal as well.

    hope that helps a little bit and good luck on your gig!
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