Can Omni Control work w/ another sound card?
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    Default Can Omni Control work w/ another sound card?

    I bought a Numark Omni Control but am going to upgrade a VCI-100. But for now, can I use the Omni Control with another audio interface like the NI Audio 4 for example? The Omni Control slightly chops the sound when the key lock is on and it's pitched down as little as -2%. It doesn't sound terrible but I can hear it. I like the controller but the sound card could be better. Also, since installing my Omni control drivers my Dell Dock disappeared and I can't seem to get it back. What's that all about?


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    sure you just want to use it as midi controller and another soundcard like the audio4 as the soundcard? yes it will work, just a matter of setting up the right soundcard in the dj software you use.
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