Traktor Sequencer?
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    Default Traktor Sequencer?

    Atop the article entitled "Want to use traktor like ableton?", Ean has a picture of what appears to be the sequencer in ableton for two decks lined up one under the other. I was wondering if that was actually possible, or if that was just a picture of something random. I have to say that having the sequencers from multiple decks next to each other like that instead of separated would be great. Any help?


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    Not possible... well not with just Traktor anyway.

    If you sync your Ableton to Traktor as explained in the appropriate thread then you can use the midi seqeucner in Ableton to control Traktors cue points as a step sequencer by sending midi out of the piano roll in Ableton into Traktor to control the cue points.

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