Hey all, so I'm having a bit of a struggle here!

The past year my music collection has grown ALOT, and I have soooo many individual tracks. I am using cds and the problem is, how do I keep it organized and easy to find certain tracks? Right now I have cd's named; Techno, key AM 1. I have written the names on there and it's all categorized by key.

The problem with this is some tracks get left out as I can only fit about 10 tracks to a cd so I get one cd containing 10 tracks in the AM key and I get 2 or 3 leftovers leaving me with alot of hassle in the long run, re-burning certain disks etc to keep it compact... So I would like to know what are your ways of keeping your music organized and easy to browse and such? Am I doing this right or is there an easier way to go about this? (My cdj's dont have USB so sadly not an option..)

Fire away!