Multiple controllers - soundcard upgrade / extra soundcard.
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    Default Multiple controllers - soundcard upgrade / extra soundcard.

    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster!

    Trawled the site, but can't quite find what I'm after. This should pull it together.

    I'm currently using an NI Kontrol X1 with an external 4 ch mixer with a Maya 44 external soundcard (plus 2 x vinyl & 2 x CDJ). Looking to add a controller to use effects / extra decks. Got 2 old keyboards / synths that would be cool to play about with just for some fun and I've got them laying about.

    I know the Audio 8 & 10 can do this, but I didn't want to spend that much. Could I use an additional Maya 44 with Asio4All? Or, trying to use logic, could I use Y connectors and have mono sound and double the channels on the Maya 44?

    If not, the Maya 44s big brother looks ok - the ESI Gigaport HD 8. Edit. Just realised that has 8 outputs, but not the inputs. Tricky. Confusing this!
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    Unless Traktor has changed since 1.27 on how it routes its outputs, you will require a single soundcard that offers multiple outputs. Traktor cannot recognise two separate soundcards.

    I’m using an M-Audio Delta 1010 with Traktor 1.27 however that may be too much for what you are looking for.


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