Problems with my Setup Ns7/Kaosspad/Ecler Nuo
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    Default Problems with my Setup Ns7/Kaosspad/Ecler Nuo

    Alright, so i got a numark ns7 as my main deck hooked up to a laptop. I have that connected to a Ecler nuo 2.0 mixer via the mast from the NS7 to the output one on the nuo. I have the nuo FX send a receive going through a kaoss pad, and finally the master hooked up to my speaker. Now my problem is that im finding it extremely difficult to isolate the channels off the Ns7, is there anyways i can listen to my individual channels while having my headphones in the nuo? (cause if i take em out of the nuo i lose all sound on my kaoss pad) or will i be forced to connect my headphones to my NS7 every time i want to mix.

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    The mixing is done internally between the ns7 and the software so your only getting a master out signal going to your mixer. You wont be able to prelisten on your mixer without giving up the crossfader and channel faders on the NS7 and thats only if Serato allows that option, im not sure if it does(i havent used the ns7).

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