hey guys I released a free book before called MIDI Mapping for Bums. now I am revamping my site and will be wordpress (though id get over my predujice) www.djbrute.co.uk please bare in mind only spent 20 mins on the theme so far.

however the point is I want to re-release this book however time is short these days. I have a couple of ideas for going about it here they are

==== I release a minor update just covering the new sample decks and maybe a couple of other bits and pieces

==== I try to put together a small team, me, a graphic designer and 2 other content writers

==== Or have an open source sort of format, where there is a certain format for handing in content or people can improve on others works a send it in (it will either get accepted or rejected with what changes need to be made

what do you guys think???