WestsideWax - Old Man Harmonika's Fervent Nighttime Ride (130+ BPM Techno)
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    Default WestsideWax - Old Man Harmonika's Fervent Nighttime Ride (130+ BPM Techno)

    My last mix was a fun set, recorded at one of our Basement Therapy sessions, that unfortunately also suffered from poor recording quality. After my mate POA pointed out that it sounded like a Real Audio broadcast from the 90s, I un-lazied myself, ran everything through my handy little Presonus Firebox, and tore through a half-crate's worth of wax in just over an hour.

    As I've mentioned in the past, I always endeavour to record my studio sets as if I'm playing in front of a 4 a.m. crowd in a big, dark room - if you're looking for headphone music, this ain't it. If, by chance, you have a hankering for raw and dirty, three-turntable shenanigans with which you can do some serious chair dancing, then please, have a listen. Super-fun time tracklist below.

    Comments, feedback and YEEEE-HAWs!! always welcome.

    So...we've been given a night.

    A monthly, to be exact. Even more precisely, the 3rd Saturday of every month, in a brand new, 4,000 square foot, 210-capacity, mixed-use concert venue in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood, just outside the downtown proper. Interesting fact - this neck of the woods was bone dry (bereft of alcohol) until 2000. It's been slow to catch up with its nightlife, but 3030 (www.3030dundaswest.com) looks to be a gamechanger, and we're more than a little chuffed to be on board.

    Our little band of musical miscreants also hope to be gamechangers in a city where Techno and House have become largely homegenised, overly-stylised and considerably less fun than when we had a real warehouse scene to support big-room music. Not saying that there's anything wrong with bowing at the altar of Berlin, but when you're only bowing to one specific sound, coming out of a ridiculously diverse artistic metropolis, a lot of people end up not knowing what they're missing.

    But enough about Germany - we're world citizens, and as such, garner our influence from every corner that produces funky, soulful, jacking, headspinning, bass-heavy tunes. Our core consists of one e.k.g., a.k.a. Giordan Battaglin, our sole controllerist and a stellar photographer to boot, bringing the smooth, melodic Tech...one Trevor "Isporax" Wilkes, who boasts a 6,000+ vinyl collection that includes most of the Dance Mania back catalogue and a whole lotta wonky Techno that will test even the most timid wallflower...and yours truly, falling somewhere in between and not caring whether it came out last week, or 30 years ago.

    As may be noted by the tracklist, this offering is straight-up Techno. As our night's name - Mr. & Mrs. Anything - denotes, you might hear something like this, but then again, you might not. I might drop a set of deep and classic House, to complement a guest DJ, or perhaps something more Electro-tinged, for no better reason than just because. To one degree or another, all the DJs and live PAs we'll be booking in the upcoming months have this capability, and our goal is to draw in all the dancers and music lovers who feel the same way about musical diversity. Here's hoping you're one of them.

    To join our Facebook page:

    Mr. & Mrs. Anything

    70 mins, 320kbps mp3, all-vinyl, improv'd from start to end on 3 x Technics 1200


    1. DJ Shufflemaster - Hermes Discord Soul - Theory Recordings
    2. Chance McDermott - Hot As.... - Black Nation
    3. Marco Bailey - Barajas - Reel Musiq
    4. Rob Stow – I'm Going To Kill Her - Don't
    5. David Roiseux - Untitled - Arrival Works
    6. James Ruskin - System - Blueprint
    7. Soul Mate - Remote Control - Phont Music
    8. Surgeon - Untitled - Counterbalance
    9. Robert Hood - Untitled - M-Plant
    10. DJ Hyperactive - Reptilian Tank - Contact
    11. Japanese Telecom - Rising Sun / Game Player (John Selway Remix) - Intuit-Solar
    12. Craig Walsh - Fingers - Dark House Music
    13. Y2K – The Wired World - Premier Records
    14. DJ ESP - Slow-Mo - Definitive Recordings
    15. 1016 - Do That - Bush
    16. Stephen Brown - Music Is - Subject Detroit
    17. Frank Ingram Featuring G-Man - Are U Receiving - Fieber Records
    18. DJ Shufflemaster - Hermes Discord Soul (Reprise) - Theory Recordings
    19. Fumiya Tanaka - Go Up - Torema
    20. Abstract Soul - Your Way - Hybrid - Hybrid Sound Architectures
    21. Traktor - Various Traktor - DIN
    22. Rob Alcock & Tommy Gillard - Nature (Meta-Mix) - Continual
    23. Grain - Untitled - Fat Cat Records
    24. Oliver Ho - Midnight - Blueprint
    25. Jerome Hill - Rel Und Pol - Don't
    26. Cari Lekebusch - De Sju Skenande Kompressorerna - H. Productions
    27. Convextion - Untitled - Matrix Records
    28. Pole - Raum 3 - ~scape
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    Always love gettin a chance to listen to the old school stuff

    Great mix

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    Right on, thanks for givin'er a listen - glad you liked!

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