how to isolate i guitar solo? (removing drums and bass)
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    Default how to isolate i guitar solo? (removing drums and bass)

    Hey guys,

    i'm playing a show this friday with an MC and he's doing a cover of "Bullet in the head" by Rage against the machine. He sampled the original song and created a new beat out of it. He left my an 8 bar section to do what i please with (so i could "solo"). What i'm trying to do is sample the original solo of the song, and remove as much bass and drums as possible so that i will be left with just the guitar track. Then i'll drop it and go all instant gratification on it.

    whats the best way to go about doing this?

    i use Adobe Audition for audio editing... i also have ableton..

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    Melodyne is the only reliable way I know to do this. Not sure how well it will work in this case though.

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    I think that'd be very hard with a rage track!

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    You could have a go with Maschtactic or just filtering. There's only so much you can do with a mixed audio file though, you can't turn a cake back into flour, eggs and water.
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