Well don't be. It's terrible. But don't just take a single post on a forum as fact - watch it for yourself...

But that's only one problem with the app. Here are some other issues...

Sync engine is terrible. Songs rarely line up - even when you use the "stock" tracks. Why is this important? Because...
There is no fine or temporary control of pitch. No fine adjustment, nudge buttons, or platter dragging.
The app brings an iPad3 to it's knees, with a horribly laggy interface.
The iPhone wireless cue link goes out of sync easily and often, and there's no going back once it's broken.
No nudge buttons, but easily 8 different ways to get to the same browser window.
The Waves filter effect (single "effect") can not be multi-touched (it goes wonky if you try).

So why am I taking time to bag on a shitty iPad DJ app when there are plenty of them out there that are just as bad? Because this one has the WAVES name associated with it, and because it's FOURTY DOLLARS.

That's right, $40 USD. And the Waves add-on is another $5.

These 2 factors might make you think that this app is a serious contender. It IS NOT.

There are several seriously great apps out there that are a quarter of the cost. Djay by Algoriddim and CrossDJ by Mixvibes are both a blast.

another public service announcement by your friendly neighborhood nem0nic