How do you suppose they pulled this off?
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    Default How do you suppose they pulled this off?

    The Tron outfit lighting is perfectly syncronised with the music... were the tracks played from Ableton Live with a midi track being used to trigger radio DMX receivers on their outfits?

    whatever the case, its pretty inspirational I think... are there any djs on here that use synronised lighting with they play out live?

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    Not really synchronized lighting, per se but a guy I know made these. It's called PoiPlay and they're three LED stips in each poi that he then sends pictures and letters to from his laptop over radio channels. For best results let the video load and then scan in a bit so see the capabilities.
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    Check their first audition video. The woman at the backstage does it with a help of a software. I can't remember it but I guess she created it by herself. Can't remember the details though

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