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    Default Breaks & scratch albums...

    I just transferred most of my Break vinyl to digital & organized all my digital break records I had spread out to one hard drive. I'm still working on tracking some of it out & cue points for everything I like.

    It seems like I've been doing this for months & months. These are all full albums. It's a lot of breaks & sounds... Lot of work, with a lot of work to go.

    Swamp Breaks - Dj Swamp
    Skip proof Scratch tool Vol 1 - Dj Swamp
    Skip proof Scratch tool Vol 2 - Dj Swamp
    Skip proof Scratch tool Vol 3 - Dj Swamp
    Skip proof Scratch tool Vol 4 - Dj Swamp
    Skip proof Scratch tool Vol 5 - Dj Swamp
    Monkeyboy Breaks- A-trak
    Da Cheeba Hawks - Hip Hop Breaks
    Hee-Haw Breaks- Dj Flare
    Solid Breaks Vol.1- DJ Chrome
    Bow Down Breaks - Dj Craze
    Bully Breaks 1 - Dj Craze
    Bully Breaks 2 - Dj Craze
    Bully Breaks 3 - Dj Craze
    Beck, Breaks and Beats - Panzah Zandahz
    Beats For Jugglers 1 - Roc Raida
    Beats For Jugglers 2 - Roc Raida
    Beats For Jugglers 3 - Roc Raida
    Hater Breaks Vol. 2 - Roc Raida
    Hater Breaks Vol. 3 - Roc Raida
    Horse Breaks - Roc Raida
    Fractured Breaks - Dj KO
    Breaktionary v.1-Dj Q-Bert
    Breaktionary v.2-Dj Q-Bert
    Breaktionary v.3-Dj Q-Bert
    Breaktionary v.4-Dj Q-Bert
    Cop Porn Breaxxx - Dj Q-bert
    Bitch Slapped Breaks - D Styles
    Heavy Petting Breaks - D Styles
    Bloodclott Breaks and Sample Tools v.I
    Bloodclott Breaks and Sample Tools v.II
    French Fried Scratch Food - Dj Peabird
    Dirty South Breaks - Klever & Shortgun
    Gangsta Breaks - Dj A-trak
    Frosted breaks - DJ Rectangle
    Funkzilla Battle Breaks - Dj Dee Nasty
    T and A Breaks - Tittsworth and Ayres
    Groove Attack Snatched Breaks
    Groove Attack Table Manners
    Willesden Dodgers - Jive Rhythm Trax
    Kriminal Breakz - The Dj Producer
    Juggle Fest - Rockmaster Weasel aka Total Eclipse
    Monkeyboy Breaks - A-trak
    Landspeed Nasty Breaks 1 - Dj Spinbad
    Noisy Breaks - Noisy Stylus
    Stylus Breaks - Noisy Stylus
    Broccoli Wars- Noisy Stylus
    Audiocide - DJ Imerge **
    Sqratchers Delight 1 - D-Styles
    Sqratchers Delight 2 - D-Styles
    Sqratchers Delight 3 - D-Styles
    Sqratch Fetishes Of The Third Kind - D-Styles
    Beat Konducta Vol 2- Madlib
    Amazing Spidey Breaks - Dj Boba Fettucini
    Jazz Breaks vol 3-DJ Food
    Doo Doo Breaks v1 - Boom Bip
    Doo Doo Breaks v2 - Boom Bip
    40 Ounce Breaks- DJ Hop
    Drumdrops v5 - Adam X
    Breaksupreme V.1 - DJL
    Breaksupreme V.2 - DJL
    Breaksupreme V.3 - DJL
    Bow Down Breaks - Dj Craze
    Horny Martian Breaks- DJ Flare
    Battle Breaks- Bare Bones
    The defenders of skratch city- DJ Flare
    Midget Madness Breaks - Infamous
    Diggin' For Breaks And Scratches - Dj Crates
    Needle Thrashers Alpha- Dj Q-bert
    Needle Thrashers Beta - Dj Q-bert-MP3Dj Q-bert
    Needle Thrashers Delta - Dj Q-bert
    Needle Thrashers Gamma - Dj Q-Bert
    Needle Thrashers v1 - Dj Q-bert
    Needle Thrashers v2 - Keeping Legends Alive- Dj Q-bert
    Needle Thrashers v3 - Mix Master Mike
    Needle Thrashers v4 - D-Style
    Jungle Tools Version.1.0 - Oscar Da Grouch & Crylic
    Jungle Tools Version.2.0 - Oscar Da Grouch & Crylic
    Jungle Tools Version.3.0 - Oscar Da Grouch & Crylic
    Jungle Tools Version.4.0 - Oscar Da Grouch & Crylic
    Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon.v5 - Dj Rectangle
    Monkey Breaks Volume 1 - Dj Z-Trip
    Sucker Punch Breaks Volume One - Mr Dibbs
    Breaker Breaks Volume 1 - Dj Junk.diff
    Breaker Breaks Volume 2 - Dj Junk.diff
    Breaker Breaks Volume 3 - Dj Junk.diff
    Breaker Breaks Volume 4 - Dj Junk.diff
    Breaker Breaks Volume 5 - Dj Junk.diff
    Drum`n Bass Breakz Volume 1 - Dj Peabird
    Battlewax 2 - Dj Rectangle
    Hamburger Hater Breaks - Dj Romes and Stones Throw
    Peanut Butter Breaks - Peanut Butter Wolf
    The Turntablist-Super Duck Breaks, The Complete Saga
    5 Fingers Of Death Battle Breaks Vol. I - Dj Paul Nice
    5 Fingers Of Death Battle Breaks Vol. II - Dj Paul Nice
    5 Fingers Of Death Battle Breaks Vol. III - Dj Paul Nice
    Drum Library Volume V1 - Dj Paul Nice
    Audiocide - Iemerge
    This Is For The DJ - Skip Proof V1
    This Is For The DJ - Skip Proof V2
    Thud Rumble- Y - Dj Q-bert
    Beastie Show Breaks - Mixmaster Mike
    Turntable Orchestra - Dj Crates
    Jet Powered Monkey Navigated Bird Breaks - Hellfish
    100mph Backsliding Turkey Kuts - Darth Fader and The Wax Warriors
    Battle Breaks 1 - Psychedelic Skratch Bastards - Q-bert -
    Bionic Booger Breaks- Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy
    Black Market Snuff Breaks
    Butt Ugly Breaks - Butchwax
    Gag Ball Breaks - D-Styles
    Head Shrinker - Butchwax
    KGB Breaks - Dj Q-bert
    STD Breaks- D Styles
    STD Breaks + The God's Son In Law Vol.2
    Stoney Breaks- Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy
    Toasted Marshmallow Feet Breaks- Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy
    Unidentifried Funk Octopus presents Eardrum Medicine- Mix Master Mike
    Wax Fondle-Dirt Style
    Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon.v2 - Dj Rectangle
    Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon.v3 - Dj Rectangle
    Superseal- Dj Qbert
    Superseal II - Dj Qbert
    Gag-Seal Breaks- Dj Qbert
    Super Seal 3D - Dj Qbert
    Scratchy Seal - Dj Qbert
    Sealed Breaks Dj Qbert
    Funky Breaks - Dj Toolz
    Electrosox- Dj Quest
    The Soul Keeper - Dj Quest
    Hamster Breaks BPSH -Dj Quest
    Vinyl Hedz - Dj Quest
    Breaks ahead - Dj Quest
    Battle Axe Breaks 2 - Joey Chavez
    Flyin' Saucer Breaks Vol.II - C2C
    Flyin' Saucer Breaks Vol.III - C2C
    Battle Breaks 7 - Dj Honda
    Defenders of Skratch City - Dj Flare
    Horney Martian Breaks - Dj Flare
    Marsupial's Belly Flop Breaks - Dj Disk & Xtrakd
    Martini Breaks - Dj Marz
    Nasty Breaks 2 - For Circlerocks
    Shigger Fragger - Battle Beats, Breaks, Loops, and Shit - pklz
    Potty Breaks - Dj Fingaz Ft. Mr Dibbs
    Ozo Show Breaks v1- Cut Chemist
    The Last Kreep Instrumental Pills - Eddie Def

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    Upload and supply the link!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!

    I have a couple of those but have not even gotten half way through listening to see whats on them!

    I usually use DJ Rectangle - Cuts and Drums, I think its called.

    I been messing around with the Booger Breaks.

    Thinking of extracting the parts I like and putting em into one file for easy access.
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    I would kill and eat a small family for your Swamp collection.

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    That's just bragging...
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    ^ this
    And whooooaaaa! That's one hell of a collection.
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    Default big ask

    hey bro
    its a big ask do you have these on mp3 to share >?

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    Those 5 fingers of death rekkids were the shit. Mine are beat beyond recognition. :-p
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