Re-install Traktor Pro 2.5
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    Default Re-install Traktor Pro 2.5

    Hi all,

    I'm for the first time, i think, doing a full new install of Traktor Pro 2.5 due to some load problems! Somethings a miss so i figured a full new install was the way to go.

    I tried using the file I downloaded to install it when it came out, but this is only an upgrade file so is looking for previous versions to upgrade which no longer exist.

    Do I have to go through the upgrade path again with the installs ie. install Traktor Pro, then do the 2.5 upgrade? Or is there a file somewhere that will install 2.5 from nothing? I cant seem to find anything on the traktor site when i'm logged in apart from the downoad link that i think was what gave me the upgrade file last time.

    Any pointers very much appreciated.

    Many thanks
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    download the demo from NI's site

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    Quote Originally Posted by padi_04 View Post
    download the demo from NI's site

    Simple as that ... cheers :0)
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