Buying new gear: opinions on Livid's OhmRGB and iPad apps?
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    Default Buying new gear: opinions on Livid's OhmRGB and iPad apps?

    Hi there,

    So I'm thinking of buying new gear. For a long time I managed to keep my GAS under control, but now it's time.

    I've been making music and dj-ing for almost 2 yrs now. My current setup is listed below in my signature (I only use Ableton for producing atm), and what I do is essentially mix tracks in Traktor, play around with effects (beatmasher, slicer, etc) and trigger samples and loops with my controllers. Every now and then I improv a little with DTT's Powertools. I'm really into the idea of 'remixing on the fly' and want to get extremely good at it, so I was thinking of either sticking with Traktor and get to know it inside it out, or make the move to dj-ing in Ableton and see where that takes me.

    So because I am considering making the move to Ableton, I was thinking of getting an OhmRGB (either slim or not, depending on money available). That way if I like the new possibilities ableton has to offer I can stick with it and have a controller that supposedly works beautifully with ableton. If I don't like it, I can go back to Traktor and still have a controller that works well and would maybe open new frontiers when used with Traktor. So my questions are: is my idea good, or overly optimistic? is the OhmRGB a good controller? Durable? Does it work well with Traktor and Ableton? Would an APC40 be a better choice?

    Also, my parents have offered to buy me an iPad because they love me or something like that. At first I thought they should use that money to help me pay for an OhmRGB, but then I started reading about apps such as Korg's iKaossilator, NI's iMaschine, Properllerhead's Figure, Touch OSC, Konkreet Labs Performer, etc. I've tried out the first three and they are cool but I've never used them in any of my sets. What do you guys think? Has anyone benefited from iPad apps?

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
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    I quite like the RGB except for the weird way the knobs are laid out .. if they had designed it more like the ctrl-r with a mirrored knob knob surface (the 3 per ch) and a grid similar to the RGB I'd be all over it.

    Personally for the price I don't think you could go wrong with an APC40, I love mine, its almost the perfect tool for Ableton screen representation, and there is so many custom scripts for it that can do weird and wonderful things.

    Either that OR perhaps 2xK2's or even F1's (but I'd hold off until some scripts are released for it that can do similar stuff to the APC e.g. Redbox, scrolling etc.

    Not knocking the RGB, but the knob layouts would simply not work for the way I work in Ableton, traktor maybe, but overkill (until the sample decks are unlocked) I reckon if I wanted to use traktor as well as a possibility the K2's, Cntrl-r or even the F1 would suit my workflow better.

    And I know you "can" map the APC to Traktor (I did it) but just found it unintuitive to use and there are better DJ-Based options for similar money.

    Oh and don't forget the behringer kit coming out .. might also be worth a look when its released, you could pick up three units for the same price as an APC

    If you think you'll actually used the iPad apps live or in the studio its worth it...

    Actually even if you just used the iPad for reading DJTT on the toilet I think it's worth having one hehe.

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    As an owner of an RGBslim, I can say that it is a very good well-made controller. If you're gonna be performing in Ableton, I suggest you take a look on other templates available for purchase that are out there (ill.gates, will marshall, etc.). Though they do come around the $20 pricetag, you won't need to be doing much more mapping/python. Personally I map the RGB myself via MIDI (no python used cause I have no experience in it) and it does what I do pretty well on Ableton. I run 4 channels, 2 straight-up audio tracks and the other 2 running as Bus/Group channel for parts that I wanna add (acapellas, synth, bassline, drums, riser/fx, etc.). There are also some Traktor Mappings available for the RGB though I haven't tested any but they do seem promising. You might have to do some stuff to your RGB though (diving the 64 grid into sections with tapes) so that it helps you visually. Overall I would recommend the RGB (Slim/non-slim).

    As of iPad apps, I perform my live/dj sets with the RGBslim + iPad running TouchOSC. Since you are moving to ableton, iPad running TouchOSC/Touchable/Griid would be a very good addition for controlling more parameters. I personally use it to control Delays/Gaters and also launch parts (acapellas/synths,etc.)

    *RGB could also be a plus on Traktor if the hack on the Remix Deck become more functional/open and easier to map.
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